Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds are oil-rich seeds that are used in making  oils and also for cooking &  food manufacturing.

Natural Sesame Seeds

Natural Sesame Seeds are flat and tiny seeds which have a nutty sweet flavor and are usually white or beige in color. It is an important nutritional additive to salads and dressings. It is extensively used to embellish products such as Sesame Seeds on bread, bread sticks, cookies and candies, and as garnish on pasta and vegetables. It is also widely used in curry dishes and tahini.

The qualities of Natural sesame seeds are generally differentiated on the basis of the % of impurities and the the % of discolor seeds.

The qualities are accordingly differentiated as 99/ 1/1 i.e 99 % White Colored Seeds, 1 % different than white seeds & Max 1 % Impurities. Similarly the other two qualities which are available are 98/2/1 & 95/5/1

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Packaging Details: The standard packing is 50 Kg and 25 Kg Gross in New Single PP Bags.

Sesame Seeds-AutoDry

Sesame seeds are an agricultural produce and cultivated in various parts of India especially in Gujarat. Sesame seeds have a thin shell or husk which needs to be removed by a process known as hulling. This process requires substantial quantity of water as raw sesame seeds are soaked in water to facilitate hulling and minimize breakages.

Aftre mechanically hulling the soaked natural seeds they are mechanically dried to produce Auto Dry Hulled Sesame Seeds. These hulled sesame seeds are uniformly bold in size, bright whiter in color and used in bakery and confectionery products.

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Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)

Packaging Details: The Standard Packing is 25Kg/50 Kg Gross in New Singe PP Bag.

Sesame Seeds-SunDry

The outer skin/husk of the natural sesame seeds is mechanically removed to produce hulled sesame seeds. The hulled Sesame Seeds are white in color, much softer and better digestible. These retain all the flavoristic characteristic of the natural seeds. Hulled Sesame Seeds enrich bakery confectionery products and are also the basis of the creamy sweet wholesome Tahini.

 After mechanically hulling the natural seeds, the hulled seeds are washed in water to remove husk as well as other dirt particles. The washed seeds are then sun dried to produce Sun Dry Hulled Sesame Seeds which are milky white in color.

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Packaging Details: The standard packing is 25 Kgs & 50 Kgs Gross in New Single PP Bags.