Indian Curry Powder

Manufacturer & Exporter of Indian Curry Powder & Curry Powder in Tin Packing. Our product range also comprises of Chilly Products and Cumin Seeds.

Curry Powder in Tin Packing

Indian currypowder is very famous in middle east & gulf countries and is used widely in their day to day cooking. However consumers prefer buying curry powder packed in metal tin containers. As the powder is packed in tin containers, the aroma and flavor of the curry powder remains intact for a longer time.

We can supply curry powder packed in rectangular tins made form virgin metal plates duly coated with food grade lacquer on the inner side and with aluminum foil at the mouth of the tins. Using food grade lacquer helps maintain the quality of the powder and aluminium foils help keep the flavor intact.

Curry powder tins are supplied in rectangular tins  of 500 Gms, 250 Gms & 125Gms. These tins are packed in a 5 ply master carton to weight 18 Kgs Nett as follows:

500 Gm Tins x   36 Tins = 18 Kg Nett In Carton.
250 Gm Tins x   72 Tins = 18 Kg Nett In Carton.
125 Gm Tins x 144 Tins = 18 Kg Nett In Carton.

Other Information :

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 x 20 FCL

Port of Dispatch: Any Port In India